Conservation Support

Through goats for gorilla project, visitors to the village donate $25-40 that buys a goat for a reformed poacher’s family. Through this initiative, over 10.000 goats have been given to families around the park. This provides a start-up farming idea that will stir “from one goat to twenty” that will increase a household’s food and income security.  More goats per family will save a gorilla.

i.    Goats for Gorillas,

ii.    Ranger Support:
iii.    Reformed Poachers

Help us preserve Mountain Gorillas and improve the lives of communities around them

Please join our commitment to saving Mountain Gorillas today. Let us continue to fight together for the life of every Mountain Gorilla and people around them.

 Your support will immensely change the lives of the local people who will then preserve the Mountain Gorillas .

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